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Where are you getting ready?

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You've been getting ready for your wedding for months now, and the day is finally here. Where do you want to spend the first few hours of your wedding day, anticipating the excitement of marrying the love of your life? The good news is you have options! First, you'll want to think about the logistics of the day. What time are you getting married? Will you be bringing in your own hair and makeup artists, doing your own, or will you be traveling to a salon? Do you have enough time to travel from a different getting ready location to your wedding venue? Will your photographer be there for your getting ready time (and do you have time for their travel between the locations in your wedding photography package)? Is there a mirror and a sink nearby for those last minute lipstick checks? Photography by Jennifer G Mills Photography Another [...]

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Our Old Rusty Wedding Truck

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If you've seen any photos of Spring Lake on our website or Facebook, you've probably seen the truck at the venue. As a matter of fact, it's quite the highlight of wedding photos here at the farm. We've seen so many creative ideas come along  that involve our truck, we thought it deserved it's own blog post. The truck is a great place to take some formal portraits with your photographer. We think it's pretty cool to have an old truck available that you can actually climb on (gently) to get some neat photos. Other venues have old cars available, but they don't always give you permission to get in (or on) them. We don't mind as long as you're being careful to take care of our "old man."   Photography by Nathan and Natosha The "old man" has a great shape with lots of character that lens itself to [...]

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