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Vibrant Fall Colors Sets Wedding’s Theme

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 The Fall is just around the corner. If you are a bride with an October wedding date, this is an the time of the year to have an traditional wedding with more rustic touches. You have far more colors to chose from. Be inspired by orange, burnt yellow, deep reds, purple, browns and pine green. These colors are great when they are paired together. It is a wonder time to use jewel tone colors and create a mystical wedding that is warm and full of character. The brides dress can still be white and strapless but if you add a lace jacket, similar to the one Kate Middleton wore, will give the dress two looks. One very formal for the nuptials and take the jacket off, you now can dance into the wee hours. The jacket will add a very classic look and also keep the bride warm on a [...]

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The Prefect Wedding Gift

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 Getting married is such an exciting time for a couple. Not only are you making a commitment to the person you love but you also get a big party to celebrate the day. You get a cake, a dance, all your friends and family with you. Then there are the presents- a ton of them. Im having a hard time deciding whats the best part! I have always bought personal gifts for the couple based off our friendship. When my friends Jeff and Teresa got married, my boyfriend and I bought them a Coo Coo Clock. Not a normal present for most but my boyfriend, the bride and groom and I had all gone to Germany together a year earlier. That is where they got engaged. To them, the Coo Coo Clock was the perfect gift.  They knew we had really thought about them and picked out something that will always make them think of us and [...]

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Rustic Wedding Themes

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 Weddings are a time to bring families together. Weddings are also a time for the bride and groom to create a wedding theme that reflects who they are together. Couples are changing from a traditional theme with hats, gloves and tuxedos, to a more personal style. Some of us have seen the videos of the bridal party dancing down the aisles to a rap song, or at the wedding reception where the groom starts break dancing to Funky Cold Medina. However, some couples are a little less off the traditional trail and going with a rustic/outdoorsy ceremony. These types of wedding can be as detailed and beautiful as a conventional wedding.  At our Wedding Venue, Spring Lake in Rockmart, Georgia, we have made many a brides dreams come true with adding little touches of her and the groom to the ceremony and the surroundings. The wedding guests are seated in our [...]

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