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BREAKING WITH TRADITION – True southerners are usually steeped in tradition, however these days the rules have relaxed and couples are changing things up a little to fit their personalities. The traditional trained white dress and tailed tux is not appearing as much at weddings. The days of the stiff starched look has changed to a vintage look where guys are wearing bow ties and suspenders and the brides maids are wearing cute dresses with cowboy boots. I have also seen high top tennis shoes under the brides gown (hows that for being yourself). I am not sure when the last time was that I heard the traditional wedding march played at a wedding. The songs that brides are coming up with these days truly reflect how they feel about their life and the man that is about to be in it forever. Lady’s and Gentlemen I give you Mr. and Mrs. Smith! (the exit song is playing). This is when the fun really begins and I LOVE It. It’s the bride and grooms time to let every one hear their favorite song. The vows, well, we have stayed more traditional when it comes to that, but most are opting for a few personal words during the ceremony. Breaking with tradition is not a bad thing. I happen to think that it makes for a very memorable wedding for you and your guests. Back in the day you could almost tell verbatim every move that was going to be made at a wedding. Here it is 2012 and brides are doing it their way with subtle changes. Brides and grooms, and most importantly their guest, are enjoying an unparallelled wedding. Make the most important day of your life a unique experience you and your quest will not forget. Happy Planning.

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